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Raghu Rai quotes …

It was a time worth spent today at the Nikon Power Your Clicks workshop hearing India’s ace photographer Mr. Raghu Rai speak. 

These are some of the quotes which I have noted down, which Mr.Raghu Rai said during his talk.

Kolkata, 11 January 2014


Kala (art) mein kabhi koi niyam nehi hai, dil ki duniya se dekho. …ragarding photography rules.


Styles come and go away with time, honesty remains.


Keep everything in focus…does your eye see blur ? ….regarding using tele-lens, DOF,etc


See the emotions….. clicking flying birds are for kids. …regarding hundreds of sunset pics getting clicked everyday.


Try to understand everything in frame. …Review your frame


Post prossing is ok till “jaha tak aap sach ko nehi badle”.…to what extent PP is fine.


Shut down your brain and shoot from the heart.


Mother (Teresa) told me – “Dignity of every human being should be respected” …in relation to photographing poors. 


If art was about form, textures, then it would have dies long back. It has emotions. See your Rabindra Sangeet…It is still alive.


Purpose of photography is for the time we live in. 


Using flash is a bad idea…see you guys are using so much flash for clicking my pic…use the natural night, there are enough light here in this hall.


Whether you post process, manipulate…listen at the end of the day, your photography should have power.


Dont get occupied in any pre-conceived notion.


Be humble..be human and walk into the situation…in relation to shooting candid momnets in street photography and overcoming hesitancy.


Photographer sochta nehi hain, jo sochta hai, woh sochta hai jata hai…so switch off our brain, and use heart to shoot.


In rain, dont think about your cam body and your body….regarding saving your cam from rain.


There is no hard and fast rule in creativity.


Photography is like – Nadi beh rahi hai (Moments are just flowing by), bas pani pee lo (Just take your chance to capture the momnet).


Leave aside the technicalities … baccho, dil ki baat karo.


What a man !!! What clear thoughts !!! 

Keep clicking



PS : The audience questions were too poor infront of the great man. However, the quotw of the day was from a gentleman in audience – “Aap dark-room main kitna KARI-GURI karte hain ? “




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