A picture is worth a thousand words… A photo blog is both.

My Fav Pics of 2010

My personal fav pics of 2010. My fav, not your’s fav.

Id shoot … cute little girl …lost. She will not be allowed here to enter once she groes up.
Eid Prayer | Bangalore

Hampi ..Tradition …Stone …part of real life. Ignored ?
Tungabhadra River Side | Hampi

Esha-Deb wedding…emotion ..looks …sad dad and comforting dad’s little girl.
Esha and Deb | Wedding

Kolkata …North Kolkata …wall art of different kind.
In the street | Kolkata

Durga Puja @ Kolkata, Kumartuli.
Kumartuli | Kolkata

Bed – for both life and dead. Contrast ?
Bangalore Heritage - Old & New

Bangalore Metro – Old temple.
Winner of Category :- Bangalore Heritage - Old & new

Belur – East meets West. Thanks wifey for your support. Hot hot sun and 400+ stairs to climb in bare foot. 😦
East Meets West

Women in athletics? Way to go !!
Asian Grand Prix | Bangalore

Hello India Flickr Meet ..my salute to Flickr.
Hello, India - Flickr Meet | Bangalore

Ramya @ Ashoka Pillar Signal. Ouch !! Don’t ask me why ?
Ramya | Ashoka Pillar@Bangalore
City Flower Market – Top View.
City Flower Market

Mumbai Night Life – A different take.
Checking Out | Mumbai Night Life

Lastly, this year I left Sasken, where I started my photography … my team mates , who posed for me for all my photography experiments.
UMTS CallP Team | Sasken

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  1. very nice pics 🙂 gr8 compositions!

    January 6, 2011 at 7:05 PM

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