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Jpeg in ACR ?

While having dinner today, Shantanu wanted to know :- how to open Jpeg files in ACR(thats Adobe Camera Raw)…hence,let me post the way here.

Basic Gyan :- Firstly, try to shoot in RAW ..its always better if you are having a DSLR.
Otherwise, if you are shooting in Jpeg(for reason known only to you and GOD), you can still open the jpeg pic in ACR.

The Advantage of opening Jpeg file in ACR/Raw editor :-

Do basic color correction,pop,saturation,level correction,etc in RAW editor itself. This is very similar to Lightroom. Add Vignette effect easily here rather than in Photo-shop.

Ok..here are the very simple steps.

1. Download ACR if you dont have. Default in Photoshop CS3,it will be there already.
2. Open Photoshop. Go to Edit –> Preferences –> File Handling –> Camera Raw Preferece in Jpeg Click that and say OK.
3. Reopen Photoshop and open a Jpeg pic…done !! Enjoy !!

Snapshot of Step2 and Step3.
Jpeg in ACR
Jpeg in ACR

Result …one of my sample jpeg pic in ACR.
Jpeg in ACR

Thanks in advance for sharing this page.

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  1. Good to know and nice tip

    September 9, 2010 at 3:55 AM

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