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Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Shot @ Narayanapura Village,(Few kms from Devanahalli), Bangalore,Sept2010.

Take the road to Nandi Hills and after you pass the Jalahalli airbase watch out for a sign board that says ‘MVIT College’ onto your left. Turn left there and after 4-5 km you will be at the village.


If you have a moment,let me capture it for you.
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This was a BWS planned shoot where Dr.Vivek suggested this place in the post…Within the city range, a small gateway to village world..!!

When we reached,the village was just waking up … We were welcomed with the grand-ma doing her usual Sat morning work …
Narayanapura Village,BangaloreNarayanapura Village,Bangalore

This kid has woke up and he was smiling at his best !!
Narayanapura Village,BangaloreNarayanapura Village,Bangalore
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

OK..this was a village of really hard-working women …Let me put together the women of India …!!
Working Women | Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

She invited us to the Ganesha Idol making work-place.
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Ganesha | Narayanapura Village,Bangalore
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Some pottery pics which was also our prime attraction
From the top:-
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

At eye-level:-
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

From the bottom:-
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

And from ground zero:-
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Some funny+heroic BWS moments:-
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore
rAJA | Narayanapura Village,Bangalore
Shaan | Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Any my fav moment of the shoot was this below one..loved capturing this motion blur :-
Narayanapura Village,Bangalore

Anyway, we left for the day after this ,whereas others moved towards another nearby village …

See rest of the shoot images here

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5 responses

  1. KG

    That’s raw and impressive, great captures.

    September 9, 2010 at 3:42 AM

  2. This are awesome photos, especially motion blue.

    September 9, 2010 at 3:56 AM

  3. beautifully captured!

    September 9, 2010 at 6:31 AM

  4. the pictures are great…….loved the camera work…..and the angles pics have been shot……

    September 11, 2010 at 9:14 AM

  5. Excellent perspective from under the wheels. Never seen such a picture before. Have you tried BW for that one?

    October 3, 2010 at 8:47 PM

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