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Durga Puja ’09 @ Kolkata – A Photo Blog

After Last Year’s Durga Puja Photo Series , the series returns again for 2009 Kolkata.Though Durga Puja is filled mainly with highly decorated Pandals & designer idols,I tried to capture the traditional rituals in my own little way.Here it comes:-

See buses, autos, matadors, taxis and even trains spruced up, bedecked with garlands and banana stems, and you know the Pujas are near.
The feeling is even more acute this year, with Vishwakarma Puja being just a day before Mahalaya. I have landed in Kolkata just a day after Mahalaya.The Akash Photography followed the festive feel, from Kumartuli’s lanes to Kolkata’s Pandal’s – Anywhere and Everywhere.

The Puja Feel :- Really ? Reality ?
Ashtami 436fl
In English the text in Bengali: With the arrival of God,let your days of Puja be filled with joy & happiness.

The Last Finishing Touch

Starts with Shashti

Maddox Square ..The School / College World of Kolkata EATS,BREATHES,SLEEPS on Maddox Square during Durga Puja…you will get all your friends here.
Maddox Square @ evening…If you are not in Maddox,you are not in Kolkata.
Mad@Maddox Square
Mad@Maddox Square

There was a Dhunuchi Naach Competition going on ..
Runner Up | Dhunuchi NaachWinner | Dhunuchi Naach
Runner Up – Dhunuchi Naach Winner – Dhunuchi Naach

Sapatami is here
“The rain god seems to have decided to play spoilsport. Dark clouds pelted rain again on Saptami afternoon, sending Puja revellers scurrying. But the unbridled excitement accompanying the Pujas refused to give in to the sudden cloudbursts. Certainly, not without a fight. Buses, taxis, autos, rickshaws fought for space with people creating traffic snarls unknown to even rush hour policemen.” Somehow I reached Judges Ghat for Kola Bou Snan.

Judges Ghat | Saptami,Durga PujaKola Bou Snan | Saptami,Durga Puja
Kola Bou Snan | Saptami,Durga PujaKola Bou Snan | Saptami,Durga Puja

The Maha-Ashtami
Kumari Puja :- A girl aged between one to sixteen, symbolising the Kumari form of Devi is worshipped in front of the idol of Goddess Durga. The Kumari form of the Goddess was emphasised as the most dynamic form by the devotees since yester years as Kumari Shakti is the basis of all creations.
Kumari Puja
Kumari Pujo

Ashtami means you have to(just have to) go to Durga Bari,South Kolkata,Opp of South Point High School…the most famous place of South Calcutta( Yaa..I prefer Calcutta sometimes over Kolkata)..you have to be there to enjoy the festive mood among everyone ..all NRI/old-timers will meet here and dance to the tune of dhak…
Tridhara SonmiloniDance @ Durga bari
Dance @ Durga bariDance @ Durga bari

The Babubagan Traditional Puja:-

Nabami – Nearing Climax
The day for Pandal Hopping –” Time flew and Nabami, the penultimate day of the Pujas, seemed to have arrived a tad too soon. Festive crowds determined to complete their annual pandal pilgrimage girded themselves for the inevitable jostle. Babas hauled khukis onto their shoulders, Mas clutched the hands of their sons and thakurmas, sindoor glistening in the parting of their silver hair, tried to keep up during the pandal expedition.”

Circle BokehMudiali Club
Shuruchi SanghaOoops...Can't ignore :)

Curtains descend on Dashami
The day full of Photography:- Four days of untrimmed enjoyment and weeks of anticipation had to come to an end when Dashami beckoned on Monday. But after days of festivities, the mood was still upbeat with cries of ‘Aashche bochor abar hobe’ and ‘Shubho Bijoya’ filling the air. Camera in hand, I was there to capture the festive spirit on the final day of Durga Puja 2009.

Moments from Baghbajar Sarbojonin Durgotsav,Baghbajar.
Bagbajar e Sindur Khela
Baghbajar e Sindur Khela

Sindur Khela | Part-2Contrasting Smile

Baghbajar e Sindur KhelaBaghbajar e Sindur Khela
Sindur KhelaRed, of course, is the colour of the interior of our bodies. In some way it's inside our life too.

Last year,my biggest regret was to not able to capture Bhasan.While the goddess was readied for immersion, sindur khela tinged the proceedings with vermilion and bhashan processions swayed to the beat of the dhaks. It was a bittersweet farewell watching the goddess being lowered into the Ganga.
Durga ImmersionDurga Immersion
Durga ImmersionDurga Immersion

Hope You enjoy the pics ..until next year …”Asche Bochor Abar Hobe” means “Will wait for next year’ …
2nd Hoogly Bridge

More pics are here :-

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2009 © Akash Bhattacharya Photography


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