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Chitra Sante 2009

Shot @ Chitra Sante,Bangalore,Jan09.

Well, for the past few years, The Karnataka ChitraKala Parishath, an art school in Bengaluru(Bangalore), India has been conducting an art festival not just on its preimises but also on the road leading up to its campus. It has been a hit right from the start featuring over 1000 artists and carftsmen.
It is usually conducted on the 31st of december but due to the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, the event was postponed to the 25th of january.

Few more …

Opening Act | Chitra Sante
Artist ?
Framed !!
Eyes | Chitra Sante,CKP

It attracts large crowds comprising of all ages and creates what i believe is one of the largest gallery shows in India. Artists can not only exhibit their works but also sell them. This provides for a common man to well, look around and pickup something he might like rather than to dress fancy and attend a regular gallery and feel downright out of place.

The entire road is blocked off from any flow of traffic till the event comes to an end late in the evening.

According to Chitrakala Parishad President, the Chitra Sante links and brings the aspirations of the artists and art lovers.

"It was a riot of colours at the Kumarakrupa Road in Bangalore. Thousands of people through out the day thronged and interacted with the artists taking the culture to a new high. Responding to the Chitra Sante many of them shared their thoughts and felt elated on reviving the art link," said T.Prabhakar, the President of Chitrakala Parishad President.

I shall repeat once again what Deepak has said :-

Chitra Sante 2009…… BWS Stall…… A Big Success šŸ™‚

It was amazing to see so many people visiting BWS stall and asking for more info about the group.


…It was a great event – A grand success.

Here are some moments/events in BWS stall :-

This fellow above looked at this tiger pic for more than 10 mins…I dont know why !!


My creation


Thanks to my RC1 Remote …It helps šŸ™‚

On the other side, Sridhar’s stall was also there.


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